Your co-ed baby shower

The Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography can make your Prescott event a memorable one.What can make a baby shower extra special? Why not get the father-to-be and male family and friends involved in the celebration of the new baby? Host a co-ed “Jack and Jill” baby shower. And don’t forget the photo booth. The Sunflower Photobooth, by Aris Affairs Photography, is a must-have for your Prescott co-ed baby shower!

Here are some tips for hosting a “Jack and Jill” baby shower:

  • Establish a male-friendly theme for your baby shower like fishing, safari, or sports. Get away from the typical baby shower decorations so your male guests feel more like they belong.
  • Choose party favors and game prizes that appeal to everyone. Find some that are compatible with your theme. Be sure to choose items that both men and women will be able to enjoy, like restaurant or coffee gift cards.
  • Remember that most men have larger appetites than women. Trade the finger sandwiches and light appetizers that are typically served at baby showers for a buffet, sub sandwiches, or a pot of chili.
  • Most importantly, schedule the Sunflower Photobooth! A good photo booth is the best way to take a picture of individuals, couples, and groups at a co-ed baby shower. Include photos with all of the men together as a group! Your family and guests will be lining up to take silly pictures or treasured photos with everyone else! What a great way for family and loved ones to share the excitement of the new baby – and don’t forget to post the images on social media!

Aris Affairs Photography hopes these ideas for a co-ed baby shower help you plan a memorable event and capture the excitement of your upcoming family addition. The Sunflower Photobooth is perfect for any of your Prescott events or parties of any kind. To reserve the Sunflower Photobooth, call us at 928-642-4049.