Why you need a photo booth at your wedding

It goes without saying that a professional photographer is essential for a perfect wedding. Your photographer is there to capture the precious moments of your special day, so why should you include a photo booth as well? Aris Affairs Photography answers why you need the Sunflower Photobooth at your Prescott wedding.

So many things make up a perfect wedding event: a photographer, DJ or band, catering, invitations, floral arrangements, and the like. Make sure to add in a photo booth if you want to make your wedding a truly special event, and add more entertainment for your guests! Keep reading to find out why the Sunflower Photobooth should be at the top of your wedding must-have list!

Added entertainment. You will have music of some kind, and a dance floor, but what about those who aren’t keen on dancing? Well, a photo booth adds fun to the atmosphere for all!

Additional keepsakes. You probably plan to provide a small memento for your guests to take home to remember your special day: a decorative favor or something more elaborate. A photo booth easily provides that gift for you, with pictures your guests can keep. You get to customize the background of the photos. You can include your wedding colors, theme, and date so that every time your guests look at the pictures, they’ll be reminded how much fun your wedding was!

Let loose! Giving your guests a chance to relax makes the event much more enjoyable. A photo booth does exactly that!

Aris Affairs Photography believes a photo booth will make your Prescott wedding even more special. You’ll be surprised how easy and affordable the fun can be. To book the Sunflower Photobooth for your wedding, or for more information and availability, call us today at 928-642-4049.