The benefits of a photo booth for your event

The Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography can bring out the fun and create epic memories at your Prescott event.There’s no doubt that talented photographers are amazing people who do amazing work capturing our life events. But have you thought about the benefits of using a photo booth for your event? Aris Affairs Photography reminds you: If you haven’t considered the Sunflower Photobooth for your Prescott event, here are some reasons that might change your mind:

  • A photobooth helps guests, including the camera-shy, loosen up and be themselves.
  • Clever props have been known to instantly transform guests into Hollywood-type actors and actresses.
  • The spontaneity offered by a photobooth encourages people to overcome their natural inhibitions and not instinctively freeze in that weird ‘can you tell I’m having fun?’ pose like they might do for a professional photographer.
  • People of every age have a blast playing dress-up.
  • Guests can take their picture when they want to, when they’re comfortable and ready. If you have guests that find getting their picture taken a little awkward or uncomfortable, a photo booth is the perfect solution.
  • Photo booths bring out the imagination in people. You’ll find your guests creating epic, ridiculous, hilarious and even dramatic scenes that are full of life, love and fun.
  • Guests can take their time and get the shot they want, again and again and again!

There are many ways a photo booth can make your event a great success. If you’re considering the Sunflower Photobooth for your Prescott event, call Aris Affairs Photography at 928-642-4049.