Reasons you will want an open air photo booth at your event

The Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography is the perfect solution for group photos at your special events in Prescott.The joy of hosting a great event, whether small or large, can go on for years to come because of the memories captured forever with a photo booth. Why shouldn’t taking pictures be fun? Aris Affairs Photography shares a few reasons to include this two-fold entertainment with the Sunflower Photobooth at your Prescott event.

GROUPS: Do you remember the days of grouping your friends, family, or coworkers together because the old-style booths were too small to accommodate larger groups? Thankfully those days are long gone. Open air photo booths like the Sunflower Photobooth means you don’t have to divide up your favorite people into categories anymore to get a great shot. With the Sunflower Photobooth you can take as many large group shots as you like.

SET-UP: The Sunflower Photobooth means no walls – which means more space and more flexibility in setting it up where you want it. Do you want pics from your party by the pool, in your garden, on your deck facing stunning vistas? They’re all possible with an open-air photo booth.

POSES: For many, trying to strike a ‘natural’ pose for a photographer is slightly easier than a root canal and for some of us it’s even worse. Unless you’re a pro you can end up looking like a deer in the headlights – which may make others laugh hysterically – but the thought can make some guests reluctant. An open-air photo booth lets guests come and go as they want. It’s a no pressure, relaxed option for letting your more timid guests create their own perfect picture for you to remember.

PROPS: Nothing helps people have fun in an open-air photo booth like props. Be as creative as you want. Let the theme of your event dictate the props. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, work event or family gathering, choose props that complement your theme and excite your guests’ imagination. 

The fall is here and the holidays are right around the corner. If your Prescott event is on this season’s calendar, don’t forget to call Aris Affairs Photography and reserve the Sunflower Photobooth. Call 928-642-4049 today for more information on packages.