Make your family reunion fun and memorable

Family is one of life’s blessings that is constant in our lives. They are there for us in the good times; they are there for us in the bad. As our families grow, children grow up and move away, relatives get new jobs in other states, and we get busy with the daily grind. While holidays are great for getting the kids back home, a family reunion is the best way to get all the relatives in one place. The Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography offers a couple of ideas to make your Prescott family reunion fun and memorable.


There is nothing more frustrating than showing up to a reunion that was put together haphazardly. Maybe there is not enough food or drinks, maybe the meeting place is too small for everyone who showed up, or maybe there are not enough chairs. Regardless of the issue, poor planning results in a bad experience for everyone. Take the time to make sure the details are worked out. You can enlist relatives to help out if there is too much for one person.

Have Activities

Family reunions are great for sitting around and talking, but it is good to avoid monotony. Having events and activities that everyone can join in will help engage the family and give them a new shared experience to talk about. A few of our favorite ideas are backyard scrabble with giant letters, swimming if your venue includes a pool, and of course, a photo booth. 

Don’t Make It Too Short

If it has been several years since everyone has seen each other, a one-day event is typically not enough time to catch up on everything. If possible, plan the reunion for three to four days; this will give everyone time to reconnect.

Reunions are an excellent way of celebrating family, and the Sunflower Photobooth will capture the fun! Who knows, if the reunion is a big hit, the whole family may want to make these get-togethers happen more frequently. If you are planning a family reunion in Prescott, call Aris Affairs Photography at 928-642-4049.