How a photo booth can create lasting memories

Choose Sunflower Photobooth to spice up your next Prescott event and make the memories last.When you’re organizing an event that you want your guests to enjoy at the time and remember for years to come, a photo booth is a unique way to capture and preserve those precious moments! Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography will make your event in Prescott special.

What is a photo booth?

A photo booth is brought to an event and set up to provide guests the opportunity to take the “ultimate selfie.” No more lopsided, poorly lighted and blurry images taken on cell phones by people whose arms aren’t quite long enough to fit everyone in! A good photo booth is the best to take an individual or a group photo that everyone can enjoy.

How does a photo booth work?

A photo booth can be set up to your own specifications, with props of your choice, and other accessories that will really add to the fun. You and your guests can order additional sets of prints, view all images online after the event, or even project the pictures from the booth so that the images can entertain your guests as they are taken during your event.

The idea of taking a special photo helps people to loosen up and get creative, and the pictures are the ultimate keepsake to preserve the fun memories of the event. You can set up your photo booth in a location of your choice, allowing your guests to take pictures as they arrive, or as they move from one area to another.

Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography will bring great ideas to make your event in Prescott special. Call the experts at Sunflower Photobooth today at 928-642-4049 to learn more about our unique open-style photo booth pricing and packages