Don’t forget to invite Sunflower Photobooth to your wedding reception

Reserve the Sunflower Photobooth for your Prescott wedding reception and create amazing memories with your friends and family.Reserve the Sunflower Photobooth for your Prescott wedding reception and create amazing memories with your friends and family. More and more weddings are including photo booths because nothing breaks the ice at a wedding reception like a photo booth.

There is nothing at all like Sunflower Photobooth’s open-style photo booth with its huge touchscreen mirror! You’ll probably be surprised to find some truly lovely, beautifully expressed thoughts from your closest and dearest friends and family. You’ll probably also literally laugh out loud when you see the crazy things your guests might do to remind you of how much they fun they had at your wedding.

Highly skilled professional wedding photographers generally bring mountains of equipment to your reception to capture the bride and groom at their very best. Photographs are heavily staged and the bride and groom, parents and attendants are usually strictly posed. There are, of course, some very predictable and necessary shots that every professional wedding photographer is expected to capture. But when it comes to your guests, professional photographers tend to capture broad shots and not each individual guest.

The Sunflower Photobooth with its touch screen lets your guests come to you! Your guests won’t be expected to pose, and the photos are anything but predictable! Don’t be surprised to find them wearing crazy props – you’ll be reminded they were there and having fun. Many of your guests will likely use your photo booth in groups, but you might discover the creativity of some guests when they are by themselves.

When you’re planning the entertainment for your wedding, including the food and music, don’t miss out on the laughter and fun that could be coming from the photo booth during your reception.

Friends and family alike will be able to contribute to a unique wedding gift that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives. Creating the funniest and sweetest memories of your guests celebrating your wedding is the best reason of all to invite Sunflower Photobooth to your Prescott wedding. Call the experts at Sunflower Photobooth today at 928-642-4049 to learn more about our unique open-style photo booth pricing and packages.