Benefits of an open air photo booth for your event

Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography is the perfect addition to your Prescott event to make it fun and festive.Photo booths have become one of the most prominent additions to modern parties, receptions, and just about every event imaginable. Aris Affairs Photography discusses the benefits of the open air Sunflower Photobooth for your event in Prescott.

Photo booths are fun, festive, and very cost-effective. A photo booth allows your guests to take home memories of the party, picnic, or other event to share with family and friends. There are many different photo booth options available. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose what is right for your unique event.

Here are some of the advantages of having an open air photo booth:

  • Open air photo booths work well in mild climates, for which the Prescott area is known! If you happen to be hosting an event during the summer, especially in the daytime, small, enclosed spaces can quickly turn hot, humid and uncomfortable. An open air photo booth is a comfortable place for guests when it’s warm, especially if the event requires that people wear formal attire. You’ll have great photos instead of photos of faces dripping with sweat!
  • Sharing photos could never be easier. With an open air photo booth, you get your pictures instantly, and your guests can upload their photos on social media in real time or save them to their phones or other mobile devices.
  • It’s easy and fun to get great photos, because of the open space. Guests can take horizontal, or vertical photos and don’t need to be cramped into tight spaces for group photos.

We hope you have enjoyed this discussion of the benefits of the open air Sunflower Photobooth for your event in Prescott. Have an event coming up? Reserve the Sunflower Photobooth now! For more information about the many options available or to book the Sunflower Photobooth for your next event, call Aris Affairs Photography today at 928-642-4049.