A photo booth can make your event stand out

Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography can create a unique experience and make your Prescott event stand out from the rest.Pictures have always been an important part of special events. But a photo booth can provide your event with an experience completely unlike hiring a photographer or taking pictures with a smartphone. The Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography will make your Prescott event exciting and unique!

Taking a picture captures a moment and freezes it in time.

Whatever the event, people love to take pictures to remember the fun. It is even more fun when there is a photo booth at the event. A photo booth will provide your event with more than just photos, but a fun, exciting experience that brings people together. It is an experience they will talk and laugh about in the years to come. In fact, a photo booth will accomplish a number of important things to make any event a smash hit. Here are several:

Capture the special moments. 
Whether it is a wedding, birthday, corporate party, or any other type of big event, a photo booth is a sure way to make it a lasting memory. A photo will allow your guests to relive the event over and over! And, they’ll make sure everyone hears about it!

Provide entertainment. 
A photo booth will break the ice and cause people to mingle. There are a variety of fun backdrops your guests can use to make their pictures as wild and crazy as they want! Fun props can be employed as well. A photo booth will give your guests hours of entertainment.

Free party favors. 
Don’t stress about party favors! Guests are free to take as many pictures as they want. Renting a photo booth is actually a lot less expensive than making party favor bags for your guests. Not to mention you don’t have to waste any of your time like you would be making party favors. And, unlike other party favors, a photo will not be forgotten or thrown away.

The Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography will make your Prescott event come alive! Call Aris Affairs Photography and reserve the Sunflower Photobooth today at 928-642-4049.