A photo booth can be an excellent marketing tool for your business

If you’re hosting an event to boost your company’s brand awareness, create new contacts, or collect new customer data, then a photo booth may be just what your event needs! The Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography can help your Prescott business event memorable and unique.

Photo booths offer businesses a very unique and cost-effective marketing opportunity to reach out to potential customers. A photo booth also provides a great way to reach new audiences through social media. Here are some ways to use a photo booth to help market your company:

  • Engagement with your customers. Engaging with your customers is a necessary component of any corporate event. Photo booths are the perfect platform! A photo booth serves as an attraction for your customers, and it is something they will tell others about for a long time. This also gives more opportunity to discuss your company’s products and services.
  • Expand your brand. Branded photos are designed to match your brand’s image and individual requirements. The Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography will work with you and your team to create the perfect design for your specific event. This will ensure that your brand is highly visible on the photo booth set up at your event, the printed imagery, and any digitally-shared media.
  • Social Media. These days people are always snapping pictures and sharing them on social media. Take advantage of this by giving guests the tools to do so and adding your logo or company name to each picture in a unique way. Your guests are provided with the fun of being able to share their photos with all of their friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, while at the same time promoting your branding.

We have shown some of the ways that the Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography can be an excellent marketing tool for your Prescott business. If you’re in the process of planning your next event and are looking for the best way to make it fun, memorable and personal, then there’s no reason to look further than the Sunflower Photobooth by Aris Affairs Photography. For more information or to reserve the Sunflower Photobooth for your event, please call us today at 928-642-4049.